Sunday, December 8, 2013

Multi-Packs to Fill Boxes on a Budget

One of my favorite ways to fill my boxes very reasonably is to use multipacks. There are so many options! If you start NOW over the year you can fill boxes for just a little at a time.

Dollar Tree:

12 pencil sharpeners, $1
Combs 12 pack, $1
3 packs of Dial soap, $1
Party Fillers such as mardi gras beads, noise makers, toy jewelry
Card games, 3 for $1


18 Washcloths  $4 (and the last two years I bought Christmas colored ones at 75% off so for just a dollar!)
Candy!! This is obvious... but worth mentioning. (Candy canes after Christmas and hard candy after Halloween.)
Socks or Underwear! These practical items generally are sold in multipacks. 

Oriental Trading Company:
All sorts of multipacks such as bouncy balls, stampers, cross necklaces, and even plush

Gliders, finger puppets,  play jewelry

And don't forget these other extras:

-Back to school supply sales such as penny deals at Staples!
-Playdough multipacks (often on sale)
-Plastic cups (holiday ones go on clearance after the holidays, think Christmas, Valentine's, and Easter)
-Hot Wheels 5 packs are often on sale, sometimes with coupons
-Stickers! Multipacks and books of stickers can be divided up

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