Monday, December 2, 2013

2 Pennies a Day.....

If you start NOW, putting pennies in a jar, at just 2 pennies per day, you will have the needed $7 to ship one shoebox in 2014. Most of us can afford just 2 cents a day.. .but maybe this makes you think bigger. Soooo for just 10 cents a day you can cover the shipping for 5 shoeboxes! 10 cents a DAY!

 OK.... so now maybe you are thinking, sure the shipping... but... If you are watchful throughout the year, and if you check here for deals... you can also FILL those shoeboxes inexpensively! Last year, with sales and crafting and coupons I packed my shoeboxes for an average of under $5 per box.. and that is more than the year before. You can do it too! Think of the blessings you can give a child next year for Christmas!

Even now, keep your eyes out for sale items... Michaels bins, the clearance aisle, etc... but AFTER Christmas, watch for after Christmas sales! I will share all year right here... together we can change the lives of children!

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