Thursday, September 6, 2012

Perusing Clearance Aisles

I love to blog about savings for Operation Christmas Child! Some of the sales I post are nationwide or area wide. Some are coupon deals. Seasonal Clearance. But so many savings can be had just by doing one simple thing: Check for clearance! Some stores have clearance aisles. Some have clearance throughout their store. But almost every store HAS clearance.

Today, while at Walmart I checked the clearance aisle, and bought some more 50 cent jumpropes... but the real find was a bunch of Hello Kitty puzzles at 10 cents each!! I scooped up what they had. Those kinds of deals happen more often than you might think and they make that few minute detour past the clearance aisles totally worth it!

Throughout the year I have found so many items at rock bottom prices just through that quick check of clearance sections. I have found 50 cent toothpastes. 10 cent washcloths. Magnifying glasses for 20 cents. And SO much more! You never KNOW what you will find.

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