Sunday, September 16, 2012

Our God CARES and He works through the shoeboxes!

This story was shared by OCC on their facebook page... and it is yet one more of the small miracles God works through the shoeboxes. Pray as you pack.. and pack as you are lead... for God is doing miracles big and small through these shoeboxes!

In Colombia, Carlos and his mother heard of an event for children and walked for two days to get there. Because the boy was limping upon their arrival, the pastor was concerned that he had injured himself. The mother shared that he had a childhood defect in his feet that didn’t allow him to walk normally. She said they had no money for the special shoes needed to help him.

The event began, and when the Gospel was shared, both mother and son gave their lives to Christ. Afterwards, the children were each given a shoe box gift and a countdown took place … ‘3-2-1’! When the little boy opened his box, there was a pair of orthopedic shoes in his size sitting on top! He left the event with new hope spiritually and physically.

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