Monday, May 28, 2012

Summer Shoebox Shopping

As we head into summer and summer vacation, I wanted to remind you that if you stay in hotels, those small wrapped soaps can be saved for your shoeboxes!

Also keep watch for great deals on summer items-
Flip Flops
Outdoor toys- balls, small frisbees, beach balls, jumpropes, etc

These items are everywhere and some stores are already starting to mark them down occasionally. Wonderful things for our shoeboxes can sometimes be found for next to nothing. Happy Shopping!

This photo is from Clip with Purpose blog... where she says of this photo: "I want to encourage you to include flip flops or shoes in your shoeboxes, if you are able.  The picture above was taken during a shoebox distribution in West Africa 2 years ago.  Some of children were wearing flip flops like the ones pictured, with the heels completely worn through and the front repaired with rubber bands!"

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