Friday, May 25, 2012

Shopping Year Round For Greater Savings

It is no surprise to my readers that I shop year round. I shop using the deals and coupons I post here. I watch for freebies and almost freebies. I shop sales and clearance racks. I shop for new items at garage sales or thrift stores (emphasis on new.) But I also use a general calendar for shopping as well.

A Year of OCC

- After Christmas Sales - Wrapping Paper, tape, clearance stocking stuffers, small plush, candy canes, and various fun items for the boxes can be found

- After Valentine's Clearance - Candy (that won't expire), small plush and toys and pencils. Hearts help show the love of Christ
- After winter clearance - gloves, hats, scarves (generally will get down to 25cents eventually)

- Washcloths and Soap (Dollar Tree sells 3 packs of Dial basic soap for $1, and 3 packs of washcloths for $1 although I often find sale ones elsewhere of better quality for just a bit more)
- Musical Instruments - harmonica, kazoo, maracas, castanets, recorder, whistle, etc.

-Easter Clearance - cute plush (lambs??), religious items, pencils, small toys

- Toothbrush and Toothpaste (if you have not found these through great coupon deals for all but free, the dollar stores have these available all year)

- Summer Items - toys, balls, beachballs, jumpropes, flipflops, sunglasses.. whatever you can find at good prices
- Hotel soaps throughout the summer or whenever you travel

- Practical items - tote bag, pencil case, water bottle or cup, sewing kit, calculator (it is not unusual to find solar calculators for $1 at Walmart), fishing kit, tools, work gloves, gardening tools.... in short whatever you feel lead to give.. or find at a great deal, appropriate for the age you are shopping for.

- Back to School - Pencils, Notebooks, Crayons, Pencil Sharpener, Scissors, Ruler, Erasers, etc
- End of Summer Clearance - flipflops, hats, tshirts, sunglasses

- End of Summer Clearance Continued
- Socks, or other practical clothing items

- Combs, Brushes, Barrettes, hairbands, etc

- Leftover or Sale Halloween Candy
- Toy or Doll or Car for the Box
- Photo or postcard or letter for your box

As you see, my goal is to spread items throughout the year, capitalizing on sales as able... and buying a good variety of items all year.

If all you do is buy 1-2 items per month, usually at $1 each or less, you will easily fill a box by November... for very little money. If you shop sales and coupons and deals... buying multipacks when that is the best deal.. you may find that for what you used to spend on 1 box you can fill MANY boxes!!!

Happy Shopping!!!!

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