Tuesday, May 1, 2012

God Incidences in Fiji

Hi all... This Impact Story was posted just today on the Operation Christmas Child site.... and I just had to share. I never tire of reading of the work of God's hand through this ministry. I hope you are blessed.
More “God-incidences” in Fiji By Jessica On May 1, 2012 ·
Students in Fiji, Source: Fiji Times Online I love how someone coined the term God-incidences to describe situations in which children receive exactly the gift they need/want inside their shoe boxes. It truly is God’s hand at work; much more than a mere coincidence.

While helpers of Operation Christmas Child are going to great lengths to ensure kids in Fiji feel special at Christmas, God is using the project to show the extraordinary lengths He goes to, to make Himself relevant to children, who have often never heard of Him.

One such trek took local indigenous church partners back and forth over a river 14 times, carrying the shoe boxes on horse-back, for children who would otherwise not see any gits for Christmas. Tears and emotions flowed freely as children received gifts, with one child from the island of Rotuma shouting with joy as he held his first Christmas gift. The parents at various distribution locations wept openly as their children received gifts – lots of them happy that large amounts of stationery were provided for their children’s school needs.

In one instance a child had recently given away his sandals to a friend who couldn’t afford any. The following week he came to the distribution day and was given a box. To his surprise he got a brand new pair of sandals that fitted him perfectly. He told the pastor what he did the previous week and how God had given him a new pair of sandals! Some of the children have already started attending Sunday school and church services because of this testimony.

Another girl wanted shoes for Christmas but her father was in prison and couldn’t buy her any. When she was given the gift box, she opened it saw a pair of shoes…that also were a perfect fit! Tears flowed as she wore the shoes and nearly forgot about other contents in the box. She was told by the pastor that somebody loved her so gave her this gift – she went on to tell her friends, “Jesus gave me new shoes!”

Rev. Emmanuel Reuben who coordinated the first part of the Western Division said it was the first time he had seen at least 12 different denominations come together. Lots of crusades and conferences take place, but Operation Christmas Child has brought them all together as one body in unity. Together they have distributed gifts in churches, community halls, village playgrounds, school grounds and under trees. Source: OCC Australia

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