Monday, May 28, 2012

Celebrating our Freedom.. Memorial Day thoughts

I am so very thankful today for all those who have served in our military over the years, even unto laying down their lives, so that we can live in freedom. There are never enough words to adequately express my gratitude or thank them for the sacrifices made for our nation.

We are so blessed to live in a nation that is free.. free to worship Jesus.. free to spread the gospel. And so blessed to live in a land of prosperity, even during this economic downturn. There is a price to freedom. And I am beyond humbled when I think of that cost, in lives, in hardship, in blood.

As I am involved in OCC I am SO aware that there are many in the world who do not have that freedom and are not able to worship God openly.

And on Memorial Day, I also remember our Savior who laid down His life willingly for freedom. And therefore, I desire to spread to others around the world the Good News that they are offered TRUE ETERNAL FREEDOM. And we have the right to spread the gospel because of the sacrifice of our heroes. Thank you.

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