Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Sports Theme Box

Hey all... a while back I posted 2 princess theme boxes packed by my daughter... and told you I would do a boy's box next... so today I bring you a SPORTS BOX. This one is a no brainer of a theme... and I still have a couple items left to add but wanted to get it posted now. 
As you can see... this box includes 2 balls (one foam football and one baseball, a slinky, a jumprope, a yo-yo, crayons, sports theme pencils, sports theme small totebag, sports theme notebook, pencil sharpener, toothbrush and toothpaste, washcloth, gloves, and tshirt. I want to still fit in candy, soap, maybe a baseball cap, and a small stuffed toy... and then it will be complete and VERY full. The tshirt is sized for a 5-9 boy but of course everything in this would be great for any age boy. 

A sports theme box could also include a deflated soccer ball and small pump, small baseball glove, sports team jersey or other apparel, small flying disc, any type of ball, etc. 

Although this box is for a boy... you COULD do a sports theme box for a girl as well!

It is all about fun and being active! I would love to see area sports' teams and athletic clubs get involved in packing boxes or donating supplies for boxes in the sports theme. What a blessing to the child that receives these items.

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  1. Theme boxes are soooo fun to do. I'm trying to do 100 boxes this year and it can pretty "same 'o, same 'o" and I want to avoid that. Thanks for sharing some of your themes to help get my creative juices going. I'm like you--quantities of quality items! Tho I do include some dollar items, I want to give things that will last for the children.