Friday, March 2, 2012

JoAnn's Coupon AND Amazon OCC Store

JoAnn's has a coupon for March 1-3 for 15% off total purchase INCLUDING sale items!!! Of course there are exceptions but if you are buying supplies for your shoebox this is a great way to get some good savings.


And, the wonderful OCC blog clipwithpurpose (which is always in my link list to the right) has set up an Amazon store for OCC items. There are some good extras for boxes that are good bargains. If you are needing a bit more to get to free shipping why not add one of these items instead of paying shipping??? Check it out at 

Finally... GLOVES are still available at our Walmart for 50% off... 2 packs run around 75 cents. There are LOTS of hats left, so I am hoping they will get marked to 75% off. 

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