Thursday, March 22, 2012

Miracles Abound... Our God Saves!

Guyana, 2010: Entire Family Gave Their Lives To The Lord


Krishna, a Hindu boy from the village of De Kindered on the West Coast thought he could never attend a Christian church because of his parents’ Hindu background and would not be allowed to attend church services or have friends from the church.
During the February (shoe box) Gift Distribution, Krishna received a gift box and the booklet “The Greatest Gift Of All” (GGOA) from a volunteer whose ministry was concentrated in the street to target the un-churched. He was happy to see the contents and share the excitement with his parents and friends.
Krishna had an accident puncturing his abdomen and damaging his spleen; chances of life for Krishna looked dim and his parents were worried about post surgery.  They were told by the Doctors they couldn’t do anything more, they’ve done their best, and now they (Krishna’s parents) will have to pray and hope for the best. The parents went home read the GGOA booklet and prayed to Lord Jesus. The next day on their visit to the hospital they notice signs of improvement and decided to take a step further by going to the church in search of the volunteer and ask for prayers. They were surprised at the welcome they received and the concern shown by the members of the church. The church prayed and visited Krishna in the hospital. Krishna is out of the hospital today and is doing The Greatest Journey lesson # 1. His father stood up in church one morning and testifies of how he prayed to Lord Jesus and Lord Jesus Heard him and grants his request. The entire family gave their lives to the Lord and is attending church regularly.

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