Saturday, June 22, 2013

Stories of the Shoeboxes

Here are a selection of stories posted recently on Operation Christmas Child FB page.. they blessed me, and I pray they bless and encourage you as well.

"My name is Douglas and I am in Grade 5. I was invited to church one day by my pastor. When I got there, all the children were being blessed with gifts. I had never received a gift box in my life, and deep inside of me before my turn came I was saying to myself that I would value it for the rest of my life. My gift box included many items like puzzles, a towel, soap, a toy car, crayons and sweets. I was taught on that day that Jesus sent me the gift. And that He is the greatest gift. I also gave my life to Him on that day." - Shoebox recipient from Uganda

One young boy in Uganda was invited by a friend to attend a distribution at their church. His parents gave him permission, even though it was far away from their town. After the distribution, he went back home and told his parents what had happened and showed them the precious gift that he had received. His parents were very happy and welcomed the pastor to come to their home for dinner. They read the Greatest Gift Of All booklet which was in their local language, and the pastor shared with them about Jesus. The family came to the Lord just through the simple gift and now 8 members of the family are Christian.

"When the shoe boxes were handed out, some people would cry because they were receiving gifts for the first time and couldn't believe that someone was thinking of them. Parents rejoiced knowing their kids were receiving gifts for the first time. From that distribution a church was born. They built a building with 600 seats. Now, three years later, they have over 1000 members. The church is evangelizing, going from place to place. They even started an orphanage, which they say is a product of OCC, and gave gifts to orphans. Those children were so touched – they started praying and thanking Jesus." - Volunteer in Zimbabwe 

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