Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Fiji- God's Word going forth

Today I read a post on facebook about Fiji. The story itself is not about Operation Christmas Child but it is about God's Word and His ministries and I had to share before I told my own CONNECT conference story about Fiji.

The BIMI Fiji Bible Project is going to deliver 220,000 Bibles to EVERY Fiji student on the island (starting this month) at the request of the GOVERNMENT of Fiji! Could you image how our country would change if our government would put the Bibles back in our classrooms? Not only that, this has some Biblical importance to it. Do you know where the furthest country is from Israel? The uttermost part of the world? Fiji! Jesus instructed us to go to the utter most part and preach his word. Well folks, God's Word is there waiting to be given out.
Isn't that a reason to rejoice???? EVERY student in Fiji to receive God's Word!!!! God is moving throughout Fiji!

I was blessed during one of the meals of the CONNECT conference to sit with two delightful men from Fiji, Kumar and Paul. What a blessing to meet some of the team from around the world who distribute the shoeboxes. They have full teams there of volunteers as well... to organize the HUGE job of receiving the shoeboxes through customs, training teachers, and organizing transportation, and distribution of THOUSANDS of boxes. What a blessing to have such dedicated people working to carry our shoeboxes to children.

Anyway, while I was talking to Paul and Kumar, I learned some things that I wanted to pass on. First although Fiji has many christians, 58% approximately, it also is 34% Hindi. There is MUCH to be done yet in Fiji for the Lord!

They wanted to encourage us that God is working... and so they shared some wonderful news! First, in one village where they went, only one child accepted Christ, out of the Hindi children... but do not be dismayed because this is how God works.. out of that ONE (one shoebox, and one child) came MANY. 30 NEW people now attend the church all from that one child.

Another story they shared is that in one county they were trying and trying to build a church without success within the Hindi community but resistance was too high... UNTIL one shoebox distribution. Praise God there is now not only a christian church but a Kindergarten program as well!

And a sweet story about a boy at a distribution. He wanted a toy truck like all his friends. They would play and he did not have one. This was his heart's desire, but his family could not afford it. He admitted to the team that just that morning he had thought of stealing one this very day... but what in His mercy and bounty did God provide in the box? Not one but 3 toy car/trucks in various colors!! 

Finally, I wanted to share a prayer request from Paul and Kumar.. Please pray for all the obstacles dealing with the VET and custom's taxes. The original agreement was that they would come through but the government struggles to believe so many good gifts are for giving out and not selling. May God make a way so that they do not have to pay to receive the shoeboxes.  

I was SO BLESSED to go to CONNECT and I have a whole notebook full of things I wanted to share.. and after much delay I am returning to a series of posts from the conference. 


  1. Hi Rhonda!

    It touched my heart to see you post this! If you would like an update on this you can go to The Bibles started going out this WEEK!

    God has moved some incredible mountains to make this happen. We get daily updates from Alan Brooks. We, as a church, purchased about 1,000 Bibles and our associate pastor and his wife are going there next month to help give them. out.

  2. Rhonda,

    Thank you for sharing this! What a blessing!

    This is a link to the website for the the BIMI Fiji project.

    God has moved mountains to make this project to happen and the Bibles actually started going this WEEK!

    We get updates almost everyday since our church purchased about 1,000 Bibles and our associate pastor and his wife are going to help give out these Bibles next month.

    Thanks again and keep up the good work my friend! I miss talking to you!