Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Followup Post on Praise in the Park... a story of hilarious disaster

First I wanted to thank everyone who stopped by at Praise in the Park in Klamath Falls. What a blessing it is to meet with others and share about OCC and talk to those who already know and love this ministry!

I had such high hopes for the day. I LOVE Praise in the Park.. what is not to love??? Christians from all over the area gather together, across church lines, to worship our God! The music and the dancing was delightful... and it was so great to meet people in various ministries from around Klamath.

I had PLANNED to have a craft for kids to do at the booth... They could make a wordless book bracelet for donating to the local packing parties and also one for themselves.

I had literally THOUSANDS of beads sorted and ready to go. I had cords cut. And the table arranged. I thought I had planned for everything! I even had an alternate beading project for younger children. What I did not plan for was the helicopter!

First, I did not know there WOULD be a helicopter. Second, I had no idea how much force a helicopter landing brings!

Can you guess what happened????? Our tent tried to fly away... but WORSE the table with all the beads on it went airborn. Oh My Goodness!!! Beads went flying into the grass.

Kind people from all around came to help us right our stuff and people were crawling in the grass picking up beads.

THANK YOU to each of you!

After that, with beads all mixed and bits of grass with it... I canceled the craft. We had a good laugh about it. It seemed like a HUGE deal at the moment but in reality when it was over it had only lasted 20 minutes thanks to the kindness of strangers.


I guess God had other plans for the day. We still did OCC temporary tattoos for kids who stopped by.. we still talked to a lot of people and handed out info and invites. But we did not make crafts.

Maybe next year. Or... maybe not. :)

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  1. Rhonda, I am so sorry to hear about the beads, but it is wildly funny thinking about how your plans were derailed by a helicopter! You don't hear about that every day.