Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Operation Christmas Child in Latvia

I found the below in a blog on the site http://thejourneyproject.org and I couldn't help but share it. You all know how I love Operation Christmas Child... what you may NOT know, unless you have read all my posts, is that I have a particular soft spot for Latvia. My mom was born in Latvia.  And so I rejoiced when I first read about their first graduation of the Greatest Journey about a year ago now. Latvia had been under Soviet control for half a century while the church was driven under ground... and NOW Operation Christmas Child is partnering with churches to bring the gospel to children! Because of my personal love for the nation and people of Latvia, I have made Latvia a personal prayer focus. And so ... anyway, back to the blog. On this lovely blog post about Operation Christmas Child from 2010 the author shared:
One of the kids I nannied for a few years ago had received a shoebox in the children’s home she had lived in Latvia.  She told me that the hair things were the best part!  Of course, she was a typical pre-teen girl!
The boxes go to real kids, with real lives, pains, joys, and need.  This girl I nannied for was adopted and helped me pack some boxes in 2008, she was, of course, really excited to help me!
And isn't that the point?? Around the world there are children who are hurting, in need, in orphanages, in war torn areas, in poverty, in darkness... REAL CHILDREN... and these boxes bring joy and hope and love and light into the lives of these children. Thank you for giving!

And when you pack for a girl, put in things like hair accessories or play jewelry or other pretty things so that they know they are beautiful and loved and precious.

PS if you want to learn more about the first Greatest Journey program in Europe that occurred in Latvia you can read more about it at http://www.samaritan.org/index.php/articles/a_special_graduation/

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