Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Coming Soon to a Store Near You.... VALENTINE'S CLEARANCE!!!

This is one of my favorite holiday clearances for the shoeboxes!

If you are out shopping check out selection to be ready for the sales! Most stores will have good sales starting the day after Valentine's.. and the choices should be GREAT. Cute stuffed animals holding hearts.... pencils and toys covered in hearts... candy sales!

Walmart has small plush in the perfect size for the shoeboxes that are soft and sweet and adorable that are 2.97 now and should be 50% off on Friday. If you are gutsy you can try and hold out for 75% off but be aware that at that price they fly off the shelves. I found some that I found TOO cute and will grab at 50% off... and then I will really go all out if I find them marked down further.

Michaels should have great sales soon too.... with much wider selection of items.

I am ready to SHOW the LOVE with VALENTINE'S ITEMS... are you????

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