Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Gloves Can Be an Answer to Prayer in the Shoeboxes

As I posted yesterday, gloves and hats are on winter clearance at Walmart here in Klamath Falls and soon will be on sale in many stores... I am often asked if we should send gloves and hats and scarves when so many of our boxes go to warm climates. My answer is YES if you feel lead by all means, pack them.

First, we do not know where our boxes go ahead of time, but GOD DOES! Second, even in the warm climates, the temps can drop at night and the people there do not have heat and are not acclimated to the cold. Third, the children definitely experience joy in them. And they can be practical in other ways as well.. to protect hands, for instance. So buy as you feel lead.

This story was posted yesterday on OCC facebook page... and I had to share:

Jamil was 6-years-old, living in a small orphanage in Kenya. He had learned in Sunday school that if you pray for something hard enough, God would provide it. What he wanted most in the world was a pair of gloves for the cold weather. He prayed everyday for months and could not understand why they were not at the end of his bed when he woke in a morning or why they did not appear in church when he went to Sunday school. But he did not stop praying for them. Then the shoeboxes came. As Jamil opened his box, he found a maroon striped scarf and a pair of maroon gloves. He told everyone that it was his best day in his life.

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