Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Clearance is HERE

And now is the time!!! Walmart, Fred Meyers, Rite Aid, grocery stores, stores of ALL kinds have their Easter stuff on CLEARANCE!!! Most places will be 50% off today and keep going down and down in prices.

What can you get???

Stuffed animals!!! The stores are full of small stuffed animals, sized for an Easter basket they are perfect for the shoeboxes. Bunnies abound, but you can find all kinds, including MY favorite, lambs! Walmart's should be 1.49 today... and IF they make it to 75% they will be 74 cents but they often sell out before then.

CANDY! Remember, hard candy only... no chocolate. (Leave that to treat yourself.)

Small toys! Of all kinds... sidewalk chalk eggs, balls, etc.

School supplies. Yup, pencils and erasers and notebooks all themed for Easter. Bunnies, yes, but SOMETIMES items with christian themes as well.

Extras- cups, tshirts, etc.

And what about those eggs??? Well, they will probably go deeper in sales but what do we do with them??

There are tons of ideas! I love this one I found on ClipWithPurpose's pinterest page

All over the web are ideas on how to make maracas or shakers with plastic eggs. Or how about a mini sewing kit. For TONS of ideas check out pinterest and especially this board:

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