Friday, April 11, 2014

A Child's Giving Heart

I have shared many times that I got started with Operation Christmas Child many years ago when my kids were little. It was a blessing to do so and I have many memories of seeing my children WANT to give.

One of the main reasons this program is so dear to my heart is that it not only touches the heart of children overseas, but also right here, developing in OUR children a tender heart that desires to give and that is thankful for their own blessings. I watched that develop in my young children and have seen that continue now as they are older teens.

Today this was posted on Operation Christmas Child's Facebook page and I had to share as it speaks to this so beautifully:

>A 4 year old went shopping with his grandma, and together they made 2 boxes. A couple of days later he asked his mom "Why don't those kids have any toys?" His mom explained about poverty and sharing. Then he wanted to pretend that his mom was a needy child, and he went around the house choosing toys, and giving them to her. He commented, "I have a lot of toys." A couple of hours later, he said to her, "We need to pack more boxes. Seven more." She said, "You mean five more to add to the two you already made?" And he insisted, "No, 7 more!"

This year, take the time to pack a shoebox with your child and watch their heart bloom with love for others. You can learn more by reading about OCC here or at Samaritan's Purse's website.

If you are in Klamath Falls you can also join us this fall at our FIRST Community Wide Packing Party... even if you don't have the means to give, bring your child and let them pack a shoebox for a child in need... they can draw a picture or write a letter to include... and partake in the joy of giving. Details will be posted here as we get details locked down.

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