Thursday, February 27, 2014

You Have Been Challenged.... Challenged to Make Bracelets for Shoeboxes!!

Blogger, Ashley, has written a post challenge to craft for the shoeboxes.... If you have ever made friendship bracelets, have a kit to do so, or a rainbow loom, you know how they can pile up. Give purpose to your crafting and share the love!

Read Ashley's blog post and get inspired!

If you make more bracelets than YOU need for your shoeboxes, we will be having a community wide packing party here in Klamath this fall... or you can give to your church if they pack shoeboxes, or one of several church packing parties! Your bracelet will be a blessing!

And if you love crafting, come to our area crafting events, or craft on your own for your boxes or for area packing parties. There are tons of ideas on the pinterest links or the crafting tab here.... but you may have your own.

Our next crafting event is April 5th from 2-4 at Calvary Chapel Klamath Falls!

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