Sunday, November 24, 2013

Sending Blessings Through Operation Christmas Child

“After an OCC distribution, a pastor took the volunteer team to the inner city portion of the dump where, from within the bus, they were able to witness the daily life of those living in the worst conditions. Vultures swarmed around the dump, scavenging alongside the people for their own food. The people wore coverings over their mouths to keep out flies, smells and dust. The homes in this area were nothing more than pallets, many broken and discarded, with cardboard and plastic bags for roofs. Some team members wept, hardly able to believe people of the world lived like this. After taking the pastor back, the team wanted to pray for him. Before they could begin, he began praying for them, thanking God for the blessings they brought to him and his people.” – OCC Volunteer

Adrian was just a small child when he was abandoned by his parents. He grew up in Ecuador thinking nobody loved him, and he encountered problems in school. His life was changed forever at age 12 when his aunt and uncle invited him to an Operation Christmas Child gift distribution at a local church. “There, I met Christ,” Adrian said. “Now I know I’m not alone. God loves me and He loves me a lot. Thank you for the shoebox and the biggest gift of all, Jesus.”

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