Friday, August 2, 2013

Crafting With Kids For Kids

I love to include handmade items in our shoeboxes..... I feel as though the child who receives it can feel the love and prayers that go with the shoebox. And I love to pack shoeboxes with children so that they can minister to another in a meaningful way. 

SO crafting with kids for the shoeboxes is a natural extension... but sometimes it can be challenging to find easy crafts that are worth including in the boxes. So I thought I would pull together a variety of ideas... this will be the first in a series of Kids Crafts.

The possibilities are endless for decorating notebooks.. with children have plenty of cut out shapes and stickers and simple embellishments ready to go... and you might want to start with the notebooks already covered in a paper.

Shrinky dink, with kids artwork, made into a pendant or even cut into two and made into a pair of friendship bracelets. 

Egg shakers ... could be made with electrical tape as shown or perhaps strips of duct tape.. and could be filled with beads. Although beautiful clear, this could also be done with any color eggs and could even have 2 different colors of top and bottom mixed. And these could be decorated with stickers for extra fun.

Keep watching for MORE craft ideas for kids. 

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