Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Gift of School Supplies

Its school supply season... and what can be bought for so little at this time of year can be a HUGE blessing for the children who receive the box. Over and over again we read about the thankfulness of the children who receive these simple items. Here is one such praise from the Philippines:


Just in time!
Due to lack of resources, Florence Mae's parents couldn't provide her enough pencils and pens for her schooling. She used to have one pencil but she lend it to her seatmate who also doesn't have a pen. Sometimes, her teacher would let Florence borrow her pen. During the OCC gift distribution, Florence excitedly approached us and told us she asked Jesus to give her pencils and school supplies and she could not believe her eyes for there in her shoe box are a dozen of pencils, lots of pens, big crayons and other school supplies. "These gifts are more than enough, now I can also share it with my seatmate too!", she joyfully said Indeed, God's gift was just in perfect time for Florence needs in school.

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