Monday, October 12, 2015

Include a Letter in Your Shoebox!

"Only God knew the story he would write of our lives when Katie finished packing a shoebox gift and her mom prayed it would go to a child in an unreached country. For years we were pen pals and exchanged letters, and then the Lord allowed me to meet her dad in 2003 and then to meet Katie herself in 2009.
This weekend, 14 years after receiving her shoebox gift, I had the privilege to see her and her family again, this time at the house where she grew up, where she wrote all of her letters. 
Here we are standing with all the letters we have exchanged over the years. Only you God, only you!" - Yuliya, shoebox recipient

Of course, not everyone receives a letter from their shoebox recipient but it happens more often than you might think..... so write a letter, maybe include a photo, and perhaps.... you will receive a letter back. Even if you don't know that your shoebox will make a difference in a child's life.. and that is quite a gift in and of itself.

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