Thursday, July 23, 2015

What to Pack in a Shoebox

This year Samaritan's Purse has done an amazing job with their website. I love how clearly everything is explained. And I LOVE their page on ideas of what to pack in a shoebox.

They start by saying include a WOW item. Isn't that what we want.. the box to be a WOW.. a true blessing? What makes the box wow will be different for each child, so pray before you pack. If you have read stories of the shoeboxes you know the item that touches a child's heart can be anything.

Even so they have listed some great ideas: a deflated soccer ball and small hand pump, a stuffed animal or doll, a musical instrument such as a nice harmonica, shoes, or an outfit. This WOW item whether expensive or just carefully and prayerfully chosen will speak God's love into their heart.

I want the child who receives MY box to say WOW, don't you? What will be that item in your box?

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  1. Last year I made a playtime doll that barely fit in the box. I wish I could have traveled with that doll!