Sunday, February 1, 2015

Jesus Loves Me Pom Pom Critter Craft

Ahhhh something from my youth.... and a fun and easy craft for all ages!! I thought for Valentine's Day we could make something for our shoeboxes! Something FUN.


The instruction for THESE pom pom critters can be found at

I thought this would be even MORE cute for the shoeboxes if you included a tag of Jesus Loves Me ribbon. There are many types available online... but here is one sample available from Hobby Lobby:


  1. Totally cute! I remember them too! great idea. May I ask you how do I add my Pinterest board to the sidebar of my blog like you have??

  2. Denise Marie, I wish I could remember how I did it.... but if you search pinterest board widget you should find instructions to something similar. :)