Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Clearance

Hi all! I pray that your Easter was blessed... if so now might be a good time to think about shopping to bless others. Easter clearance is one of the biggest and best shopping opportunities for shoeboxes!

Have you SEEN all the goodies???? Walmart has stuffed animals that started out at 2.97 perfect in size for the shoeboxes.... they should go 50% right away.. and perhaps even 75% if they make it that long. Other stores will have similar deals. Plus stickers, pencils, toys!

I will be traveling this week.. so I will not be able to report on local deals... but I will be reporting on what I find while traveling as many deals will carry over here. And feel free to comment about what YOU find in the comments section, especially if you find a GREAT DEAL.

1 comment:

  1. Walmart IS 50% off! Yesterday there were hundreds of small adorable plush for 1.50 each and pencil packs and small toys starting at 50 cents. The plush included some adorable bunnies holding sports balls that might be PERFECT for boys.... if you are doing a sports theme box.. PERFECT. I expect that soon they will go to 75% off. Buy your favorites now and then go back for more if you catch the final clearance.